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 General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Company Name: Ace Ventures GmbH 

Company Trade Register Number: CH-

VAT Number: CHE-459.874.222 MWST

Office Address: Ace Ventures GmbH I Sarvesh Saxena I Spalenring 160 , 4055 Basel , Switzerland


By visiting this website you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned below.


Copyrights & Trademark Notice 


Ace Ventures or or acev as a keyword  are all copyrights & trademarks of Ace Ventures GmbH, Switzerland. You are publicly notified that by visiting this site you agree to this intellectual property notice that you cannot without our expressed permission purchase or name your business as or or acev for any country or as Ace Ventures GmbH.


These words are copyrights of Ace Ventures GmbH company based in Basel Stadt, Switzerland. Disregarding the notice will lead to legal prosecution to any authority wanting to use our domain or business name or to any registrar of the domain or business name issuing authority knowingly. Anyone found doing so will be prosecuted as per Swiss jurisdiction. Even if the breach is done out of Switzerland this notice will apply on a worldwide basis.


Legal Disclaimers


Ace Ventures GmbH or Ace Ventures company registered in Basel Stadt Switzerland does not promise that the site or any content, service or feature of the site will be error-free or uninterrupted, or that any defects will be corrected, or that your use of the site will provide specific results. The site and its content are delivered on an “as-is” and “as-available” basis. All information provided on the site is subject to change without notice. We cannot ensure that any files or other data you download from the site will be free of viruses or contamination or destructive features. 


Any client, partner, technology company logos if used would be to show only the work done for clients, technological expertise and show our consultants experience of working in different companies. Logos of companies or technologies remain the copyright of actual company owners and is not intended for illustration only.


Ace Ventures GmbH disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including any warranties of accuracy, non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. Ace Ventures GmbH disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions, and conduct of any third parties in connection with or related to your use of the site and/or any apple services. You assume total responsibility for your use of the site and any linked sites. Your sole remedy against Ace Ventures GmbH for dissatisfaction with the site or any content is to stop using the site or any such content. This limitation of relief is a part of the bargain between the parties.


By visiting this website you agree that any potential professional services related to finance and investments are not an offer to buy or sell financial products listed on stock exchanges. The above disclaimer applies to any damages, liability or injuries caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction of or unauthorised access to, alteration of, or use, whether for breach of contract, tort, negligence or any other cause of action.


We reserve the right to do any of the following, at any time, without notice: (1) to modify, suspend or terminate operation of or access to the Site, or any portion of the Site, for any reason; (2) to modify or change the Site, or any portion of the Site, and any applicable policies or terms; and (3) to interrupt the operation of the Site, or any portion of the Site, as necessary to perform routine or non-routine maintenance, error correction, or other changes.


1. Scope of validity

These General Terms and Conditions ("GTC") apply to the business area of Ace Ventures GmbH based at Spalenring 160, 4055 Basel, (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). The company owns and operates the web platform and provides services against payment in the areas of professional services to companies in - Finance, Strategy, Market Research and IT Projects.


In addition, the company offers consulting services. These general terms and conditions apply to the above-mentioned areas as well as to other services which the company provides directly and indirectly to the client.


2. Delivery of contract


The conclusion of the contract comes about through the acceptance of the offer of the company regarding the purchase of services, products or licenses by the client.


The contract is also concluded when the client makes use of the services offered by the Company or purchases or uses products of the Company.


3. Prices

Subject to other offers, all prices are quoted in Swiss francs (CHF). All prices are exclusive of any applicable value-added tax (VAT). International clients will pay prices excluding VAT if services delivered outside Switzerland.


The prices are exclusive of any other applicable taxes.

The company reserves the right to change prices at any time. The prices valid at the time of the conclusion of the contract on the website or based on initial consultation depending on nature of service separate price list of the company applies. For the client the prices valid at the time of the conclusion of the contract are valid.


4. Payment

The client is obliged to pay the invoiced amount in advance before booking an appointment. The client if opting for a monthly subscription model must pay the invoiced amount prior to month commencement of the invoice date. If the client opts for a monthly subscription model they are liable for the full period of 1 year to pay for the service. For appointments scheduled if cancelled are liable for 100% fees. 


Unless he/she has already paid the amount during the ordering process via credit card, direct bank transfer, Stripe, Paypal or other payment systems.


If the invoice is not paid within the aforementioned payment period, the client will be reminded. If the client does not pay the invoice within the set reminder period, he/she is automatically in default. 


From the time of default, the client shall owe interest on arrears in the amount of 5%.


The company reserves the right to demand payment in advance at any time without giving reasons.

Offsetting the invoiced amount against any claim the client may have against the company is not permitted.


The Company has the right to refuse service, product delivery in the event of late payment.


If the client defaults on payment then he/she is legally liable for invoice amount + late payment reminder fee and post 2 defaults liable for legal fees at flat rate of 500 CHF/HR.


5. Obligations of the company


5.1. Service delivery

Unless otherwise agreed, the Company shall fulfil its obligation by providing the agreed service. The service includes the services which are or were published online at the time of the conclusion of the contract. 

A large part of the company's services are provided online. For all other services, the registered office of the company is the place of performance, unless otherwise agreed.


5.2. Supporters


The parties have the express right to call in supplementary persons to carry out their contractual obligations. They shall ensure that the support staff is called in — compliance with all mandatory statutory provisions and any collective labour agreements. The company to meet its service obligations will share personal information of individuals with 3rd parties to carry out the service contract. By agreeing to this contract the client gives full discretion to carry out the services of the contract. We do not sell client data for advertising. 

5.3 Law


If a law enforcement authority approaches us for your information pertaining to crime, illegal activity or fraud then we are obligated to disclose your details as required by the law. 



6. Obligations of the client


6.1. Client Obligation to provide accurate information


The client is fully responsible for providing us with all documentation, receipts, statements and any additional information. Providing forged documentation or inaccurate or incomplete information will result in termination of contract and the client is liable to pay 100% fees.


6.2 The client is responsible for the content of the recorded data and information.


6.3 The client is obliged to immediately take all the precautions necessary for the provision of the service by the company. The client has to make the arrangements at the agreed place at the agreed time and to the agreed extent. Depending on the circumstances, this may include the provision of suitable information and documents to the Company.

6.4 The client is obliged to take all the precautions necessary for the provision of the service by the company immediately. The client has to make the arrangements at the agreed place at the agreed time and to the agreed extent. Depending on the circumstances, this may include the provision of suitable information and documentation for the Company.

6.5 Furthermore, the client is obliged to cooperate comprehensively and promptly. The client shall provide the company with any and all documents required in connection with the provision of the service unsolicited, completely and correctly. The Company assumes that the information and documents supplied are correct and complete and comply with the statutory obligations to cooperate and provide information. The Company shall only be responsible for checking the correctness and correctness of the Client's information, documents and figures if this has been agreed in writing in advance.


6.6 By accepting these GTC, the client also confirms that he has unlimited capacity to act and is legally qualified. By registering, the client expressly declares that all information provided is true, up-to-date and in accordance with the rights of third parties, good morals and the law. The client agrees to act in good faith as on occasions verbal approvals post engagement may be necessary and the client agrees that verbal contract agreement will also apply to pay for services requested additionally.


7. Termination

7.1. Services

Both parties have the right to withdraw from the contract at any time. The withdrawing party shall pay in full the expenses already incurred by the other party. Withdrawal at inopportune times is not permissible. The costs caused by the withdrawal will be charged to the client. The client will be informed of the exact amount when the contract is concluded. It is our policy to ensure that the client does not get any hidden charges or bills not informed in consultation. Thus, we make every reasonable effort to inform you and agree before. 

7.2 Approvals by emails, WhatsApp messages, SMS and post will be valid for agreement besides physical signatures. The client must communicate using the same contact detail as registered on engagement. Main contracts will require physical signatures.

7.3 The United Nations Convention on Contracts are not applicable.


8. Add-on Options

An add on an option from a cheaper to an expensive package is available. Once new add on is agreed the downgrade of the same is excluded. The client can seek a refund if the additional add-on is purchased and later cancels all service. 100% fee applies for all services upgraded.

9. Ownership

The ownership of the end deliverable remains with the company until the purchase price has been paid in full. Until then, the client may not dispose of the products, in particular not sell, or put them as collateral security.


10. Warranty

The company makes every effort to ensure that is readily available and takes reasonable precautions to protect from interference by third parties. Our site is hosted on third party platform and is one of the best in the world. 


We take no responsibility for your information details stored in our website or as an account if hacked by a virus or any party intending to cause harm to us without our knowledge. If we have an attack on site and we are informed by our providers we will notify you asap to change credentials. No compensation can be claimed as a result of loss of your personal information.

However, it cannot guarantee the uninterrupted functioning of and the services offered, nor can it guarantee that the files are virus-free. 


The company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability or quality of the information and documents published or transmitted. Furthermore, it cannot give any warranty for non-spamming, harmful software, spyware, hackers or phishing attacks, etc. which impair the use of the service, damage the infrastructure of the client or otherwise damage him. The Company cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability or quality of the information and processes made available, published or transmitted, or the results of the work on the Services.  Any problem or defect must be reported to the Company immediately.

The company warrants that the product/service is free from defects in material and workmanship.

Any defect must be reported to the company immediately. The company is entitled to decide whether the defective product is to be repaired or replaced. Only if replacement or repair is not possible, the client is entitled to a reduction or refund of the purchase price. The claim for reimbursement of costs for external repairs is excluded. During the time of the repair the client has no claim to a replacement product. The warranty for the repaired element begins anew, for the remaining elements of the product the original warranty period continues.

11. Liability

The liability for any indirect damages and consequential damages is completely excluded.

Liability for direct damages is limited to the sum of the service, product purchased by the client. This limitation of liability does not apply to direct damages caused by gross negligence or intent.

The client is obliged to report any damage to the company immediately.

Any liability for auxiliary persons is completely excluded.


12. Intellectual property rights

The company is entitled to all rights to the products, services and possible trademarks or is entitled to their use by the owner.

Neither these general terms and conditions nor the associated individual agreements have the transfer of intellectual property rights as their content, unless this is explicitly mentioned.

In addition, any further use, publication and making accessible of information, images, texts or other material received by the client in connection with these provisions is prohibited, unless explicitly approved by the company.

If the client uses contents, texts or pictorial material in connection with the company on which third parties have a property right, the client must ensure that no property rights of third parties are infringed.


13. Data protection 

The Company may process and use the data collected within the framework of the conclusion of the contract for the fulfilment of the obligations arising from the contract. The Company shall take the measures necessary to secure the data in accordance with the statutory provisions. The Client agrees to the storage and contractual use of his data by the Company in full and is aware that the Company is obliged by order of courts or authorities and is entitled to disclose information from the Client to these or third parties. We believe that our clients are our best referrals and we hope that with our service you will recommend our services to your friends and relatives willingly. We may send occasionally marketing offers and latest news online or in post.


14. Testimonials

 To attract new clients we request our existing clients to write about our services in form of emails or comments or on social media. We have the right to use them for marketing and advertising with your name. 

15. Amendments

These terms and conditions may be changed by the Company at any time.

The new version will come into force by publication on the company's website.

For clients, the version of the GTC which is in force at the time of the conclusion of the contract shall apply in principle. Unless the client has agreed to a newer version of the GTC.


16. Priority

These GTC take precedence over all older provisions and contracts. Only provisions from individual contracts which still specify the provisions of these GTC take precedence over these GTC.


17. Severability clause

Should a provision of this contract or a supplement to this contract be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract. The contracting parties shall replace the invalid provision by a valid provision which comes as close as possible to the intended economic purpose of the invalid provision. The same shall also apply to any gaps in the contract.


18. Confidentiality

Both parties, as well as their assistants, undertake to treat confidentially all information submitted or appropriated in connection with the services. This obligation shall remain in force even after termination of the contract.


19. Force majeure

If timely performance by the Company, its suppliers or third parties involved is rendered impossible due to force majeure such as natural disasters, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, thunderstorms, storms, wars, unrest, civil wars, revolutions and insurrections, terrorism, sabotage, strikes, nuclear accidents or reactor damage, the Company shall be released from performance of the obligations concerned for the duration of the force majeure and a reasonable start-up period after its end. If the force majeure lasts longer than 30 days, the Company may withdraw from the contract. The Company shall reimburse the Client in full for any remuneration already paid.

Any further claims, in particular claims for damages due to vis major are excluded.


20. Applicable law / place of jurisdiction

These GTC are subject to Swiss law. In case of a dispute the German general terms and conditions of Ace Ventures GmbH will prevail. In the event of dispute arising in contract, the German version shall be authoritative. If no mandatory legal provisions take precedence, the court at the registered office of Ace Ventures GmbH will the company shall have jurisdiction.